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Everyone deserves to dream.
Dreams start with believing in yourself, and are realized with the support of others. Dreams help define who you are and who you want to be. Dreams fuel joy, hope and new possibilities. A world without dreams is unimaginable. Yet every day, there are many fighting to keep their dreams alive. Trauma, disease and isolation turn their dreams into darkness. This is especially true for children battling cancer, and veterans plagued by mental and emotional challenges. Both can carry invisible scars of anxiety, depression and isolation. For them, dreams seem to evaporate and life becomes smaller.

We say, it’s time for them to DREAM BIG again!

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Our Vision

Our vision is to fuel dreams, inspire hope, and provide life-changing opportunities serving children with cancer, veterans, and their families. Field of BIG Dreams is here to reignite their dreams, shine a light on what is possible, and provide resources and a pillar of support to help turn their dreams into reality.


Providing critical resources that will
ignite dreams and spark hope

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Our 11 Core Values

The mission of Field of BIG Dreams is to raise funds in support of organizations offering programs that improve the emotional and mental health of children with cancer, veterans, and their families. We exist to fuel them with the resources, support and hope they need to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

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We believe that dreams are a right, not a privilege. Dreams start by believing in yourself.
Just like plants, dreams need light, fuel, a protected space and a caring hands to help them grow. There is joy, magic and meaning in helping dreams come to life.


Hope is an essential element in realizing dreams. Hope can be sparked in numerous ways, and we believe it is our responsibility to ignite hope and create positive change in the lives of others.


Our mission is to make a lasting impact in the lives of children diagnosed with cancer,
as well as veterans, and their families. We will fund programs that lift and support them,
help them overcome obstacles, and find strength and hope to pursue their dreams.


No one can achieve their dreams alone. Guidance, support and encouragement from others are a driving force in the path to achieving goals. Working as a team to help someone pursue their dreams is more powerful than doing so alone.


We believe everyone faces challenges and obstacles in their lives, and in those times it is understanding and compassion that create a strong foundation for hope and change.  Those we serve and organizational partners shall be treated with dignity, fairness, kindness and respect.


It is critical to be honest and transparent in our work, and in our communications with those that we serve, our volunteers, supporters and the public. We are committed to demonstrating integrity in how we conduct and report on our organizational activities.


For anyone in a position to help others and motivated to do so, we welcome you to our team. None of us achieve our own dreams without support from others.
Paying it forward is an act of kindness, gratitude and opportunity.


Through our efforts, we will honor those who have fought battles against illness, isolation, and those who have proudly served our country. We also honor those who join us through their volunteer or financial support to make a difference in the lives of others.


We believe in the power of partnership amongst community members, volunteers, supporters and other friends of the organization. Collaboration is key, and together we will
fulfill our mission to make dreams come true for others. 


Helping others is not a hand out, it is lending a helping hand and empowering others.
We strive to give those we serve the tools and resources they need to recognize
their own strengths, dreams and inner voice.


We feel that there is great value in creating an inclusive environment, and respecting the differences found in people, opinions and experiences. There is greater opportunity to
learn and to serve when we listen to others and understand diverse perspectives.